Welcome to Heavens Tools: IPFS Website Mirror Generator

Step 1: Your Subdomain

Step 2: Your Website Title

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Create and Deploy Your Website:

  1. Sign up & Create your website using Heavens Tools. Once it's perfect, publish it to your custom subdomain at heavens.pictures through our website creation wizard.
  2. Input your subdomain and desired website title into the tool on this page. This will generate a personalized index.html file.
  3. Upload your brand-new index.html file to a hosting platform. We recommend any of the following providers:
    • Fleek:

      1. Create a Fleek account and connect it to your GitHub.
      2. Select "From GitHub" and choose your website's repository.
      3. Choose IPFS as the hosting service.
      4. Fleek will deploy your site to IPFS and generate an IPNS key. Learn more at fleek.co.
    • IPNS Desktop:

      1. Install IPNS Desktop and ensure IPFS is running.
      2. Simply drag and drop your index.html file into IPNS Desktop.
      3. IPNS Desktop will generate an IPNS key for your site automatically.
    • Pinata:

      1. Create a Pinata account and sign in.
      2. Upload your index.html file.
      3. Pinata will generate an IPFS hash for your file. Learn more at pinata.cloud.
  4. Copy the IPNS key or IPFS hash generated by your hosting platform.
  5. Go to the ENS Manager App and access the control panel for your .eth domain.
  6. Paste the IPNS key or IPFS hash into the Content field for your ENS name.
  7. Save your changes and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  8. Success! Your website is now live and accessible via a decentralized domain. Happy surfing!